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This section should answer most of your questions about my clearing services. Whether or not you find what you’re looking for, you are always welcome to call or email. (I have not changed my Atlanta phone number even though I am now living on the west coast.)

When do I need a clearing?

People call me when they feel stuck or seem to be living with chronic bad luck. Some of them  tried a few things without success. Many of my clients describe years of frustration and stuck-ness. Some have physical issues. Some have experienced bad luck and disappointments.

HyssopOr sometimes, life was just fine and then, everything falls apart.  I have also provided clearings for situations – everything from legal problems, real estate opportunities, or business issues.

A space clearing may be indicated when residents experience continual poor finances, health problems or tumultuous relationships. Sometimes, life may erode dramatically after a move to a new place.  or just with a shift in your existing neighborhood. Other indications are unusual animals behavior or  too many unexplained bumps in the night.

Recently, I was blessed by a dear friend. She introduced me to Nicole. I was going through a very difficult time in my life and couldn’t see past the bad. My body flowed with negativity and sorrow. I noticed that this leaked out into everything I encountered, even my children. My friend told me that she had gone through something very similar and decided she needed a clearing. I decided I needed the same thing.

I contacted Nicole and asked her to conduct a clearing on my house, my children, and myself. Immediately after, I received a very thorough report of her findings. She also elaborated on the findings and what she cleared. The next day, I woke up and felt like I could breath again. I felt a shift in the whole house. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am truly happy again and radiate positivity. My children and I thank our angel guides each night and speak of the things we want out of life. I thank Nicole from the bottom on my heart. She has been a blessing to me and my family. I am blessed to have her in my life.
Stephanie D. – Jacksonville, FL

Dawn Moon
Dawn Moon

Do you work with animals?

Our animal friends have communication challenges. They can out as a way to communicate distress. They can also process energies and emotions for us. If your animal’s behavior has changed, you may want to consider a clearing for your furry friend. I can usually tell you if the issue is environmental (something in your home) or specific (something on your animal).

“We have had our cat for about 8 months; we got him as a kitten and enjoyed him so much. Except when he’s naughty and boy had he been naughty – chewing speaker wires and headphone cables, knocking over houseplants and breaking the containers, shredding my chair and general mayhem. He wasn’t always this bad, but for 6 weeks he’d been awful. My friends would phone and I’d complain saying, “He’s so sweet when he isn’t busy being rotten.”  For instance, he doesn’t use his claws on us, not even on my not so gentle 5-year old who doesn’t always play nice. He is very gentle; he likes affection and is very social. But his behavior had deteriorated to the point where I was constantly reprimanding him tell him that everything he wanted to do was illegal. Plus he hadn’t pooped in about 6 days!!
I finally called Nicole out of desperation after remembering that she had helped a friend of mine whose dog was troubled. When Nicole and I talked next it was amazing! “Nicole! Louis pooped this morning! And he is so much calmer!”  However, the change was so complete – we were amazed over the next few days to realize exactly how troubled our little fellow had been. He was more playful, loving, calm. He wasn’t interested in gnawing on wires and getting on the counters. What a change! I wasn’t always exasperated with him.  Apparently, Nicole removed a critter from his back and cleared out our apartment. But Louis was still nervous. So Nicole expanded her search and discovered a portal on the complex where we live! She cleared that and closed it up too. I thank you so much, Nicole! “
K. I. – Arlington, VA

Do I have to come to you?

All of my clearings are done remotely. Distance is irrelevant.

What do you see and clear?

In a typical clearing I scan your energy body.  Sometimes there will be gaps and these are connected to pain. Holes in the body or field can be associated with ongoing tiredness or lack of vitality.  There may be energy parasites. Sometimes it appears that body parts are missing, bound or damaged which can be, again, linked to pain or mobility problems. I also look for self-limiting contracts and agreements, bindings and negative programs.

For a site, I might see different kinds of beings, inter-dimensional doorways, toxic streams of energy. If I can find, it I can clear it.

A million thank you’s , Nicole!! I saw a visible difference in J. later on that evening and even more so by the next day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
F. J. – Washington DC

Foggy coastal morning
Foggy coastal morning

How did I get this stuff? 

I don’t have a definitive answer for what I see or why energy clearing works the way it does. But I do have a few theories, and I have no attachment if you have different ideas.

Physical pain and trauma to the energy body may be linked to experiences when we were small or from the events of a past live. Issues could also be viewed as allegorical (e.g., what I see may reflect how you feel).

When I look at a place, I look for blocks to energy flow. There may be portals, beings as well as emotional energy residues. I look at the entire piece of property.

So what happens after you’re done?

After an energy clearing, I recommend taking the time to adjust to the change. Drink water. Take a salt bath. Take a nap. Rest and reintegrate. My clients say that they feel lighter; they don’t have nightmares and they sleep better. They feel happier. They say the pain is gone. The dog has stopped barking at the ceiling. There is less fighting or anger. The sadness is gone. There is flow and grace.

Wow! I just want to say THANKS A BUNCH!  Our session on Sunday has really helped a lot.  I generally feel better and my “creative juices” are starting to flow again.  I feel a lot calmer and interactions with the people in general seem to be more pleasant.  I have a good friend that would like to have a session with you also. Thanks again!
Herbie S – Atlanta, GA

Will any of my stuff come back?

Rarely does a client call back the same stuff I cleared, but it has happened. And, sometimes you can pick up more stuff.  Energy work is not an exact science. You should notice a shift within 24 to 48 hours after the clearing has been completed – if not, let me know.

How often should I get a clearing?

The best time to get a clearing is when you have manifested some inexplicable shift of some duration. Everybody has a bad day and stuff happens, but if you start to notice an extended bad mood or illness, if plans are consistently derailing or there’s some other weirdness that won’t  to go away, it could be time for a clearing. After your first clearing, I provide you with information about how to shield and ground every day so you can do something to protect yourself. But sometimes stress, lots of travel or bad habits can be linked to new energy issues.
What are vibrational remedies?

Vibrational remedies can also be called energy essences. These are made by charging water with a vibration, typically a flower, gem, music, prayer, place – anything. By aHappyPlacePhoto_Cllowing yourself to receive these vibrations (in drops or sprays) you can access assistance with creating balance and transformation in your life. Unlike homeopathics, which are also vibrational in nature but are designed to introduce minute doses of in-harmony to remind the body how to re-balance, flower essences help to raise a person’s energy to provide peace and clarity so that shift and healing can be more easily achieved.


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