My Vibrational Remedy Sprays



Use my Vibrational Remedy Sprays to change discord and imbalance  to uplifting energy for you, your family, your space and even your stuff.

BaAttitude Adjustment & Happy Placesic Energy Sprays  keep you, your environment and your stuff clear and balanced by removing the energies of fear, anger as well as other irritations and changing everything to peaceful, loving and clear vibrations. You can mist into a space to improve the energetic ambiance  of offices and living spaces immediately with Happy Place. Turn grumps into humans with Attitude Adjustment. Clear the energy cooties from antiques, heirlooms and other treasures with BlessIt.

My Transformational Blends  help with specific issues of longstanding. ReBirth is designed to assist with issues around birth trauma and correct anchoring into the physical plane and body. Second Childhood addresses issues associated with self-esteem and wounded and abandoned childhoods. BackUp assists with issues around support systems, structure and the back and spine. The Hara spray helDSC01154ps the solar plexus to better support personal power and creativity.

Every one of my Sprays are created with selected energies from flowers, gems, invocations, or sounds and scented with essential oils to create an elixir that brings a higher vibration into your space or energy field. Use daily for a peaceful environment and better clarity. Each 4-ounce bottle can be misted into your field or environment. The best way to use a Vibrational Remedy Spray is consistently. The more frequently you use them, the more quickly shift happens.

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