FAQ’s About Flower Essences

Tri-color sageWhat are flower essences? Is it the same as aromatherapy?

The only thing that Flower Essences have in common with aromatherapy (or Essential Oils) is that both are plant-based.

Essential oils are created through distilling plant material to capture the fragrant oils. Examples of essential oils include lemon, lavender, sandalwood, peppermint, jasmine and rose. Essential oils are made with flowers, leaves, wood and resins and can help in healing work, everything from improving one’s mental state to healing your skin. Essential oils are often incorporated into a carrier like an oil, lotion, or wax. Drops of oils can be placed in water and gently warmed to scent the air. Essential oils can even be used in food.

Flower Essences are created by imprinting the angelic vibration of the plant into water.  A Flower Essence is also called a vibrational remedy. There is no fragrance. The signature vibration of flowers is used to help shift the energy by introducing a higher frequency of energy to a person, pet, or space.

ChivesHow are they made?

Basically, flowers are floated on the water. You can also rest a glass container of water in a bed of flowers, or nested in a tree, and that seems to work just as well. A Gem essence is made by setting a (clean) crystal in water. The key is using pure, clean water (preferably from a natural spring) to imprint the vibration. This initial result is called the Mother Tincture.

So are these Energy Essences fragrant?

Nope. Although the Mother Tincture is made with water, it is usually stabilized /preserved with a bit of alcohol, like brandy (although there are products that use vinegar instead). So they smell like water, or brandy or vinegar, not like flowers. That’s why I add essential oils to my sprays – so they’ll smell yummy and not like brandy.

How do you take a Flower Essence?

They can be taken orally, applied onto the skin, misted into the environment or dripped into a bath. To give a remedy to small reluctant recipients, like toddlers or pets, they can even be dripped onto the head. With my products, you can spray them around you or mist them into a space, like a room or a car. There is no wrong way to work with them.

How can I get some?

You can get all of my sprays through my Etsy page.

If you live in or near Atlanta, Georgia you can see my whole product line and try out the testers at Health Unlimited. If you go to their site, my products even appear on a shelf photo.