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Tiny DaisiesSometimes change takes longer than expected. Sometimes shift doesn’t happen, things don’t flow and it doesn’t get easier. Sometimes the prevailing wisdom doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes it just feels stuck. It may be time for an energy clearing.

I’m Nicole Person and I provide energy clearing services to find and clear negative energies from people, places and even pets.

Longstanding physical issues and life problems often have an energetic component. Past life agreements, negative entities, missing body parts, implants or other issues can keep you stuck and show up as problems that seem to never end. Energies in your home can hamper prosperity, disrupt relationship and create health challenges. An energy clearing takes it all away.

You are nothing short of a miracle. I don’t have the words. My friend that you cleared. OMG she was in a bad place and you really helped her and she told me she feels better. She was suffering from depression and her life generally was a bit of a mess. She is not the easiest person to impress but she was super impressed with you and I am so glad you helped us both!

I am so looking forward to the weight issues and reproductive issues going away. Had them for a very long time. And the energy levels. I have, for a long time, have always had issues with energy, feeling drained and never knowing why. I remember going to the Dr and doing all these tests to which nothing showed up. All those things now have come to an end and a new chapter begins.

I just don’t have the words to thank you enough but from my deepest heart, I am so grateful for you in every way.
Thank you for my miracles!

Love Light and Many Blessings to you and Always

After a recent out of town trip, I returned home with a load of stuff. Metaphysical as well as physical. I was blissfully ignorant to the “lizard” on my back until he had grown quite accustomed to sucking up all my energy. This took about a week. Then today I got my son ready for school. I made fresh and fabulous coffee. After seeing him off, I could not stay up. The coffee might as well have been a sleeping pill. I could not bring myself to make the bed, put away the laundry or any single thing to move in the direction of my desires. I didn’t have the energy to read. I couldn’t even focus on the lightest TV entertainment. I was reduced to playing mindlessly a few games of computer mahjong. I KNEW this wasn’t right! I called Nicole. Hurray, Hurray, I am me again today!
Thank you Nicole
Calhoun – Florida

How does this work?

Distance is unimportant. All clearing services are performed remotely. I provide an email summary of what was found and removed and you’ll get information on easy techniques for you to keep yourself clear.

For each clearing I ask for $125: I accept advance payment via PayPal or personal check.

Post clearing, I provide an email summary of what was removed and you’ll get information on tools to keep yourself clear. And no, the stuff that is removed does not come back.

Ready for a life change?

I clear people, pets, houses, businesses and anything else that is messed up, muddled or confused. You can ask for assistance on specific issues, or request a general clearing. Distance is unimportant. All services are performed remotely.

To get started, I’ll need a full birth name and birth date.  To clear your space, I’ll need an address. You can contact me by phone or email.

For more details about clearings, please check out my FAQ section. 

I am an Empath who has not been able to keep out negative emotions and thought of others for years! It was very difficult for me to be in public places,even though I am not an introverted person. I enjoy being involved in life, but was constantly being bombarded. It became such a problem, that my path for help led me to Nicole. After an initial scan/read, Nicole was able to identify all of the energy “gaps” in my aura. Amazingly, she identified exact locations of injuries from a car accident where surgical reconstruction and metal replacement parts were on my body!! She was able to repair all of these and taught me how to properly ground and shield. I am SO grateful!!! I am now able to walk into a room FULL of negative people and still maintain peace and quiet in my head. I am also able to keep out unwanted telepathic thoughts of others that I was not able to do before. Since I am not worn out trying to block out others, my life is dramatically improved and happy. Thank you so much, Nicole!
Lisa M, California

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