Happy New Moon! It’s All About Communication.

The chart for June’s new moon emphasizes the communications you receive and believe. It’s the beginning of discernment. A new moon is when the moon and sun come together (conjunct) in the same sign to set the tone for the next month / moon cycle. This New Moon is also conjunct Venus.

ButterflyThe sun is in Gemini a mutable sign, ruled by air. In astrology, mutable means changeable, in between, not fully committed. Mutable signs come just before beginning a new season. This time before a new cycle (spring into a summer) is also about letting go of stuff you no longer need to make space for what comes next. (Pack up those heavy blankets).

It’s the last moon before summer solstice. This Gemini new moon is in the seventh house of relationships and how we relate. The seventh house is ruled by Libra (relationships and partnerships). It’s exactly conjunct the Sun and Venus.

The constant pervasive media roar, the infinite channels for garages of words and pictures is coming from everywhere outside of us. The spotlight (Sun) is shown on what someone deems important. In this moment, the Moon (emotions) is directly across from the Ascendent (who we are). We are told what to feel or emotions are words. We are told what is feminine and beauty (Venus). It’s words from elsewhere, with no reference to our own truth.

Who is your source?

At the same time, Neptune (the planet of dreams, delusions, deceptions, drugs, depression) is Pisces (ruled by Neptune) in the third house of communications (ruled by Gemini). The message here is a warning to pay attention! Prepare for deception and confusion. There’s a dense fog so move carefully and stay awake. (Neptune also rules water and the 12th house).

The ascendent is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter (which makes everything bigger and louder). Where Gemini is surfing the web, watching tv, listening to music while at the movies, Sagittarius has taken the podium to stir everybody up to do something. We’re being lied to! The plan is in development and there’s no details, but it’s going to be amazing! Let’s go! So on the horizon is a bright, brassy loudmouth who speaks before thinking.

Book of Blank Maps w Instructions
And how is this going to work?

The ascendent is conjunct Saturn. Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is the task master of the sky. Saturn is the really hard teacher of your favorite subject who does not grade on a curve. In this placement, there’s a big learning / growth opportunity heading your way so be mindful of what you’re creating for yourself. Don’t make commitments you can’t keep.

Now the planet Jupiter (ruler of Gemini) is right over our heads in Virgo. The tenth house (midheaven) is the public face of the world, or the message of the moment, or where everyone is watching. Virgo is about service and Jupiter is about expansion. The midheaven is magnifying the stuff needing attention.

Virgo organizes. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (as is Gemini) and is about communication. But where Gemini is “all communication all the time from everywhere right now,” Virgo studies all of the footnotes and references, makes a list of issues, figures out how it got messed up and what has to be done.  Virgo makes a list, checks it twice and places little notes by items that need attention. Virgo processes and distills. And Virgo, once the target and plan is identified, can be a relentless freaking nag until the job is done and done right. Like a thorn in your sock.

In this global potluck, what skills do you bring to the table? Is it your best stuff? because we’re all in it together.

The 10th house (the whole wide world), is ruled by Capricorn where Pluto the wrecking ball is hanging out.

Pluto is more than halfway through Capricorn and  trine to Jupiter in Virgo (a trine can be seen as beneficial support). Capricorn is the sign associated with institutions, governments, patriarchy, law as well as knees, bones and teeth. With this new moon, it’s in the second house of your stuff. Money /prosperity and how we get some for ourselves.

Pluto has been in Capricorn for more than 10 years until 2023. The wrecking ball of the universe is here to knock down outdated structures that no longer serve. Pluto tears down the broken stuff so something new can be built without the limits of the past.

Meanwhile, as old forms dies Uranus (revolution, electricity, lightning and sudden change) in Aries (springtime, the infant, the individual) asks “All barriers are self imposed so now who do you want to be?”

Greeting the Divine Feminine

Venus conjunct the Sun and Moon in this chart is the externally applied definition of what is feminine. Meanwhile, in the 12th house, Mars is still retrograde (since mid April) in Scorpio. The 12th house is about the hidden stuff: prisons, dreams, hospitals, convents, asylums. Mars is a masculine planet (the God of Fire and War). It’s about action and it also rules anger. Put a fiery planet in a water sign and you create steam. Right now it’s going backwards (until the end of June) in the feminine water sign of Scorpio where it stay until August.

This Mars in Scorpio is bringing out the hidden history of violence against women: the recent, and continued spate of women being violently killed by partners or former partners (more than 29 this year), controlled by punitive laws (blocking women from accessing reproductive health care), and oppressed by institutions (military, colleges and professional sports ignoring reports of violence and rape), histories of long-standing violations coming to light (Cosby, Allen) even the success of the racist, misogynist GOP front runner. It also represents our government ignoring the needs of our soldiers (male and female) the wounded warriors being shut away and uncared for. Mars starts moving out of the darkness of the 12th house and into the spot light of the first house.

I see Mars here as the feminine warrior, the protector, the strategist, the pissed off divine feminine. This Mars is also about expressing those hidden feelings. I’ve been noticing people expressing long suppressed irritations, be aware of burning bridges.

2016 has been interesting. We’re nearing the halfway point, and it seems to me that the theme for this year is about our cultural investment in dreams of fear and scarcity.

Scarcity is the belief that everything is limited, especially as it applies to what you can and cannot have, and what everyone else “should” get too. The belief that if someone gets something, you won’t get any, maybe ever and that the past always determines now and future.

DSC01042Language and symbols and structures only have power because we have all agreed that they do. Our money (printed papers and metal disks) has an assigned value, because we all agree that it does. Everything from taxes, government and private property to speeding tickets and high school diplomas. These all have validity because we all agreed that they would.

Words are flexible. We can be told that something is “true” but what does that really mean? From what point of view. Is Advertising true-ish? Is it time to examine what you “know” is true?

Happy New Moon Blessings,


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