Lunar Eclipse – Fuel for new directions

Tide pool at Ona Beach
Tide pool at Ona Beach, Oregon

On Thursday we have the first lunar eclipse of the year: the full Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus. This is the first of three eclipses over the next thirty days. Typically full moon energy fuels the projects initiated at the new moon, but the emotional reboot from the eclipse can fuel new directions.

Eclipses have a disruptive energy. A solar eclipse often coincides with major world events, including political crises or catastrophic events. Lunar eclipses are associated with emotional shifts.

This eclipse also includes Saturn (conjunct the Moon) and Mars (conjunct the Sun). When Saturn is opposite Mars there is potential for fireworks as the immovable object meets the unstoppable force.  This aspect can bring confrontation, everything from arguments to accidents, so be mindful for the next few weeks.

Sunrise just outside my room, Waldport, Or
Sunrise just outside my room, Waldport, Or

In October 2012, Saturn (the planet of rules, structures, government, institutions, bones, patriarchy) moved into Scorpio (the sign associated with transformation, healing, secrets, death, sex, magic and other people’s money) until 2015. Previously, Saturn was in Libra (balance, harmony, partnership) providing clarity about our relationships. Many people dropped dysfunctional relationships and started more supportive ones. This time Saturn is helping us to dredge up and clear out the old self-imposed structures about personal power.

Every sign has it’s own symbol: Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Gemini the Twins. Scorpio has two: the Scorpion with the higher vibration of Scorpio as the eagle or phoenix. When less evolved, Scorpio energy can wallow in resentment, anger and revenge (look out for that stinger). Scorpio is about the dark night of the soul, the stuck place when the option is to change yourself. Scorpio wants emotional intensity, to feel everything deeply.  It’s the energy of transformation.


Right now until 2015, Pluto (Ruler of Scorpio) is in Capricorn (Ruled by Saturn); Saturn (Ruler of Capricorn) is in Scorpio (Ruled by Pluto and Mars). This connection is called mutual reception. Use this powerful time to identify and release old baggage, the purposeless stuff we drag around, the memories that only create feelings of sadness and powerlessness.

If Scorpio is the energy of the magician as shaman, Scorpio moon is about soul level shift. Combine Scorpio passion with the endless patience and tenacity of multiple planets in Taurus to drive to plow through the dreck and get things done.

There are great ways to use emotion creatively including artistic or athletic pursuits or negatively with aggression and violence. This powerful time creates opportunity to quickly manifest according to your focus. So pay attention!



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