Happy Spring! It’s the time for change to take root.

Low Tide at Cannon Beach
Low Tide at Ona Beach

Tomorrow is Spring Equinox. The seasons have changed. Winter has officially ended (even if it’s not warm yet). Spring is the start of the growing season. Astrologically, planets have moved from Pisces (the sign of dissolution and water) to Aries. Ruled by fiery Mars, Aries is symbolized by the Ram (lamb). Aries is acts. It initiates and moves forward. Here’s a site for Equinox 2013.

Shift is all around us. People are experiencing change, through circumstance or by choice. We look for safe and comfortable. Endings are sad and beginnings are scary.

Change is easier when you have an example.

It was a perfect Sunday on the Oregon coast. Gabby (my dog) and I went with friends Lori (human) and Bailey (Golden Lab) to Ona Beach. It was low tide, there were lots of tide pools and water-sculpted rocks.

Bailey was raised on a farm. She is fearless. She loves everyone. She lives for water (unless it’s in a bathtub). She raced over the sand, jumped into pools of water and greeted everyone as soon as she spotted them.

Gabby & Bailey, Sunday at Cannon Beach.
Gabby & Bailey, Sunday at Ona Beach

Gabby is not comfortable approaching new people or dogs, especially big dogs. Until recently, she lived in a second floor city apartment and was leashed when outside. Moving to coastal Oregon has been a new adventure.

While Gabby actually likes baths, she doesn’t much care for rain or puddles. She mostly avoided the water and stuck pretty close to me.

She watched Bailey enjoy every pool and puddle. She saw Bailey getting pets and treats from random strangers. And after Gabby watched each successful new encounter, she decided to join in the greeting committee. She checked out some of the shallow puddles. By the end of the afternoon Gabby was tired, happy, wet and sandy.

What do you do when you don’t know where you’re going?

Old rules aren’t working. There are no maps for the unknown. The way is not clear. But you are still an agent for change.

Sunshine on the Beach
Sunshine on the Beach

While it would be great to get clear printed instructions with assured outcomes, it just doesn’t work that way. No one can tell you what to do. When nothing is clear, your only option is to return to your center. Your gut instinct is always right.

When you feel dissatisfied with what is, it might be for a change. When you indicate to the universe that you want something different, the shift begins.

It’s about the big picture. What do you want?

Here’s the tricky part. Your job is to visualize and hold the dream. For example, when looking for a new place to live, see the hardwood floors, big windows and other features that make you happy (Great bathtub? Patio? Bike trails? Good schools? Big Trees? Lots of restaurants?).

You don’t need all the details before beginning the journey. The big picture works just fine. Ask for what you want and declare your intention to be open to something better. (Just in case something important got left out.)

Mouth of Beaver Creek, Cannon Beach Oregon
Mouth of Beaver Creek, Ona Beach Oregon

But, don’t block your dreams by getting too specific. When parameters are too narrow, options are blocked. So while it’s important that the new place be affordable, don’t dismiss ideas because “it’s not realistic.” The details are not your problem. Dreams come true in infinite ways just be open to receive.

Ask clearly for what you want. Then walk toward your vision. Dismiss your doubts. Ignore your fears. Stay focused on your desire. You are here to achieve your dreams. Give yourself permission to do just that.



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