Road Trip – Lessons from our dog friends

On Saturday I went on a road trip with Lori, her dog Bailey, and my dog Gabby to Cannon Beach.

Bailey and Lori at Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon
Bailey and Lori at Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Lori moved here from Missouri less than a month ago. Bailey is a Golden Lab who has made it her job to personally greet everybody. She won’t race up and jump on you. She’ll just stroll over and make sure you’re having a good time. Lori is Bailey’s driver and secretary. Read about their journey here.

We had to leave pretty early. It’s about 140 miles to Cannon Beach. The drive is mostly over a two-lane road over high cliffs, through tiny towns and big trees. When we arrived, there was a wine festival and lots of smiling people. It was sunny and beautiful and everyone was enjoying a perfect day.

Cannon Beach is leash-optional. Smiling dogs reveled in the surf. There were sticks to chase and water to splash. It was dog heaven. (Plus everyone was great about keeping things clean).

One of the best things about dogs is that they are always fully present. A desired object becomes their entire focus: lap, food, bird, or stick. Right now they are digging in the sand. In a minute, attention is on your sandwich. Dogs don’t plan. There’s no subterfuge.

The joy of sand, Cannon Beach, Oregon
The joy of sand, Cannon Beach, Oregon

A dog always eats the best part now. Dogs don’t hoard. They don’t multitask. They move on to the next opportunity for fun. Dogs don’t dwell in the past.

To a dog there’s always more good stuff coming. They don’t plan on disappointment. Dogs are ready to be happy.

We forget how to be present.

Maturity can mean goals and plans. Saving for rainy days. But we can get stuck in fear of bad outcomes and miss out on what’s going on right now. We send our energy toward stuff we really don’t want. (When you’re distracted and not paying attention, it’s easy to bump into things).

Manzanita Oregon
Gabby, Lori & Bailey, Low Tide in Manzanita, Oregon

Channel the wisdom of your inner canine

You are the star of your life, but you are also part of a whole giant universe. Lighten up. Choose to enjoy your time. Really how badly can you mess up?

Don’t focus your energy on stuff you fear or on past events. Let it go. Do something else.

Stuff happens, don’t take it personally.

For just about everybody, nothing can truly ruin your entire life, unless you choose to believe that it has.

When you focus on what brings you joy right now, your higher frequency magnetizes more joyful opportunities to come to you.

Rocks off the Coast of Cannon Beach, Oregon
Rocks off the Coast of Cannon Beach, Oregon

Sky scan

Monday’s new moon (on March 11) was in the last degrees of the final sign of Pisces. Use this period until the next new moon for releasing what no longer serves.  Especially focus on dropping the emotional baggage of fear and regret.

On March 17, Mercury stops going backwards in Pisces. Use your new insights about where you were stuck and visualize where you want to be

Equinox on March 20 is when the Sun moves into Aries, the sign of new beginnings. Right now is a great time to plan for the coming spring. What do you want? What will make you feel joyful? Take the first step to your future.

Many moons ago, in a previous life time, my three-year-old friend Gladys sat in the back seat of her mom’s car wearing new pink ballet slippers. She flexed her feet and practiced pointing her toes while she shared the secret of manifestation:

Sunset South of Garibaldi, Oregon
Sunset over the Bay, South of Garibaldi, Oregon


I needed them.

And I wanted them.

And I got them.

Too often, we dismiss our desires because we can’t figure out how to get there. Don’t worry about the details, just walk toward your dreams.




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