Welcome to Energy Is Magic

Calla LilyWelcome to my website.

Sometimes change takes longer than expected. Sometimes shift doesn’t happen, things don’t flow and it doesn’t get easier. Sometimes the prevailing wisdom doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes it just feels stuck.

My name is Nicole Person and I find and clear negative energies. And no, the stuff that is removed does not come back.

Longstanding physical issues and life problems often have an energetic component. Past life agreements, negative entities, missing body parts, implants or other issues can keep you stuck and show up as problems that seem to never end. Energies in your home can hamper prosperity, disrupt relationship and create health challenges.

Distance is unimportant. All services are performed remotely. I provide an email summary of what was removed and you’ll get information on easy techniques for you to keep yourself clear.

Tell me what’s bothering you.